Your Dog Friendly Vacation in Central Oregon

It’s difficult to imagine a better travel companion than man’s (and woman’s!) best friend. Dogs are excellent shotgun riders; in fact, there’s probably nothing that would make them happier than sitting next to you with their snout out the car window. There’s definitely something special about traveling with your dog — even a rest stop on the side of the freeway can seem more appealing when you can laugh at how excited your dog is to get at all the new smells. And of course, it’s often cheaper to travel with your dog than it is to leave them at home and pay for a pet sitter. If you're looking for Sunriver rentals that are dog friendly, Cascara Vacations has your back. 

There are important considerations to take into account when bringing your favorite furry pal along on a traveling adventure. Not all hotels and/or Airbnbs allow doggy guests, and you’ll want to make sure the area you’re traveling to has convenient areas to take your dog outside for a stroll. For example, it may not be wisest to travel with Fido to New York City, where most establishments don’t accept dogs and you’ll likely end up leaving your pal inside an apartment all day while you go enjoy the city. Thankfully, there are plenty of awesome vacation spots that will also provide an excellent opportunity for your dog to come along. When it comes to these places, it’s hard to beat Central Oregon. If you’re looking for a spot that boasts cool outdoor adventures, delicious restaurants and breweries, and a chill, dog-friendly vibe, Central Oregon, especially the Bend and Sunriver areas, is for you!

Outdoor Explorations

Central Oregon is seriously underrated when it comes to enjoying the great outdoors, particularly in regards to enjoying the great outdoors with your fuzzy best friend. One of the first things you’ll notice about Oregon culture is the chill, laid-back vibes, and this definitely extends to attitudes toward bringing dogs along on hikes and visits to parks and rivers. An awesome hidden gem of a hike you’ll definitely want to check out is the trail to Benham Falls. It’s about six and a half miles in length and is accessible year-round, so whether you’re trying to see wildflowers, fall foliage, or winter scenery, you can be guaranteed a beautiful experience. It’s also 100-percent dog friendly, provided you keep them on a leash. Dogs will love the outdoor scenery, especially the river that rushes alongside the trail and culminates in the beautiful Benham Falls. Another awesome example of a dog-friendly hiking trail is the Shevlin Park Loop Trail, which is located close to Bend and is also accessible year-round. Again, dogs must be kept on-leash, but this trail features a picnic area where you can take a break from your hike and lounge with your pooch. This trail runs alongside a river as well, providing built-in refreshment for your furry pal.


If you’re into craft beer at all, you know Central Oregon is the home of the famous, and delicious, Deschutes Brewery. This spot is an important stop on any craft beer connoisseur’s bucket list, and you don’t have to leave Fido behind when you go get a beer from the master brewers! Deschutes Brewery has an open patio where your pal can hang out alongside you as you sample some of the nation’s best craft beers.

Of course, if you’re looking for lesser-known brew spots, Central Oregon is not lacking in options. 10 Barrel Brewing, also located in Bend, also has an outdoor patio where dogs are welcome and even expected:  10 Barrel provides water bowls so both humans and dogs can quench their thirst. Worthy Brewery, just down the street, boasts an expansive beer garden open to pooches. Goodlife Brewing Company Bierhall has an outdoor area with picnic benches where you can hang out with your pup while grabbing a beer, and Bend Brewing Company has outdoor tables overlooking the Deschutes River, so you and your pal can enjoy the beautiful view (and sure-to-be-awesome smells).  


If you’re a self-identified foodie, it’s difficult to beat the food-tasting experience in Central Oregon, and thanks to the region’s relaxed attitude, many restaurants allow dogs. If you’re leaning toward seafood, you have to check out Anthony’s at the Old Mill District, which serves up delicious shellfish, as well as awesome steaks. From your seat on the patio with your pooch, you have a great view of the river, as well as the Three Sisters Mountains and Mt. Bachelor. For an awesome dining experience earlier in the day, you can check out the McKay Cottage Restaurant, which serves delicious breakfast and lunch items and has an outdoor backyard area where your dog will not only be welcome but also greeted with a water bowl and a doggy biscuit. Broken Top Bottle Shop takes dog service one step further by providing a full dog menu to give your pet an experience they won’t soon forget (and you won’t be forgetting them either, what with their famous house-smoked meats and locally sourced options).  If you want a different vibe, check out Elk Lake Resort Restaurant, right on the water overlooking Elk Lake. Their dog-friendly patio is also a dock out on the water itself, and their menu rotates according to the season, so you and your pooch can enjoy the feeling and flavor of the great outdoors.

If you can’t bear to leave your furry best friend at home, it’s a good idea for you to look into vacationing to Central Oregon. With all the outdoor adventure options, as well as dog-friendly spaces from breweries to restaurants to parks, you and your doggie pal are guaranteed to have a fantastic time. If you’re looking to put the cherry on top of your vacation experience for you and Fido, check out the rental properties available through Cascara Vacations. Cascara Vacations can hook you up with a rental with great amenities that is affordable, conveniently located, and 100-percent dog friendly. What are you waiting for? Tell your pup to get ready — you’re headed to Central Oregon! For listings of our available dog friendly homes, click here.