About Us

Cascara Vacation Rentals is a vacation home management company located in beautiful Sunriver, Oregon. Our staff has been in the vacation management and hospitality business for decades and is always ready to help both owners and guests make the best decision.  

Founders: Ed and Sandy Willard

Founding the company together in 1983, Ed and Sandy have truly accomplished the incredible feat of sustaining a locally owned business for over 35 years. They have persevered and maintained a high standard that is the pillar on which the company now stands. By nurturing the employees, opening their hearts and expertise to homeowners, and insisting on a, “treat customers like family” policy, they have built not just a legacy, but a place for everyone to call home.

Owner/Operator: Stacy Wesson

Stacy is the daughter of the Founders, Ed and Sandy Willard. She has labored tirelessly to acquire the skills and knowledge required to successfully inherit the family owned business.  She has a passion for the care of others, helping them to build cherished memories that last a lifetime. A creative mind, full of ideas for how to further the company’s progress, Stacy’s determination and faithfulness to her position will carry Cascara’s vision for many years to come. 

General Manager: Michele Getchell

Michele Is one of the company’s longest term employees. Her dedication, loyalty, and compassionate heart is what brings our team together to be a family. Michele holds extensive knowledge of all the inner workings of the company, the homes, owners and more.  She builds relationships with owners, guests, and employees.   Her work is vital to our day to day functions.

Marketing Manager: Greg Wesson

Greg joined the business as a home inspector and light maintenance, part time in 2012. As he has learned more about the business, he has been putting his Bachelor of Arts in Marketing to work, updating the technology and advertisement procedures of the business to reach as many customers and owners as possible.   

Operations Manager: Crystal Shinall

Crystal started with us as a lead in Housekeeping and has moved into our Operations Manager.  She oversees housekeeping and maintenance as well as is a primary contact for owners and vendors.   

Sunray Carpet Cleaning: Jay Willard

Jay Willard, Son of Ed and Sandy Willard, Jay owns Sunray Carpet Cleaning, expertly operating the company alongside his beautiful wife Rachael. With a generous heart, Jay provides professional, yet cost friendly, Carpet, Upholstery, and Tile cleaning for Cascara and other private homeowners. 

Our Mission:

The staff of Cascara are committed to safety, service, and satisfaction. Cascara values its involvement in Sunriver, Oregon, and will put forth every effort to improve our contribution to this special community and will strive to make each guest vacation the best ever.

Focused On One Thing – Your Vacation!

We’re here to focus on your family. Our style of vacations and vacation homes are “functional, fun, and clean.” Meaning we provide you with everything you need to have a safe, memorable, and easy-going getaway. We want to be able to help your family create memories for years to come. Our hope is that we provide you with the kind of vacation that you will want to return to. We believe that the familiarity of a vacation home and coming back to it year after year is one of the best ways to spend a family vacation.

Cascara Vacation Rentals has a wide variety of homes and condominiums available for rent on a nightly basis. We pride ourselves on giving our customers a fantastic vacation every time they come to Sunriver. Our staff is available 24/7 in cases of emergency. Our homes and condominiums come fully equipped, right down to the silverware, and we take care of the housekeeping when you depart.  Our office staff has information on local events, tours, and dining plus much more.  We offer discounts at Lost Tracks Golf Club on the south end of Bend and can schedule tee-times as necessary.  We plow snow in the winter and make sure you have propane for your grill in the summer.
This is your vacation; we’re here to make sure you enjoy it.    

Above and Beyond:

Living and working in a Tree City based resort, we take our responsibility to the environment as serious as we take our responsibility to owners and renters alike. We prove our commitment through our use of Green Seal Certified Products. We love our community of Sunriver. It is our honor to make sure we preserve it.