Sunriver Oregon Weather: Everything You Need to Know 

Discover Sunriver, Oregon, where the weather is as diverse as the landscape and the possibilities for fun are as endless. You’ll find that each season brings its own unique charm, setting the stage for unforgettable memories and endless things to do in Sunriver, Oregon. Whether you’re exploring the serene hiking trails under the gentle warmth of the spring sun, enjoying a round of summer golf, savoring the crisp autumn air at a local brewery, or tackling a winter adventure in the snow, the weather in Sunriver, Oregon always complements every activity perfectly.

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Sunriver Oregon Weather

falls near Sunriver Oregon
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Spring in Sunriver greets you with open arms, and temperatures range from a cool 46°F to a pleasant 65°F. Dress comfortably in jeans, a long-sleeve top, and a jacket, and prepare to explore the rebirth of nature. Venture out to Benham Falls, Fall River Trail, or Lava Butte for some of the best hiking experiences. Or, why not enjoy the blossoming landscape from the tranquil waters with some river floating? And for those who seek relaxation, the natural hot springs like Breitenbush, Summer Lake, and Umpqua offer a warm, soothing escape.


As the days lengthen, Sunriver weather warms up to a lovely 66°F to 75°F. Shorts, t-shirts, hats, and sandals are all you’ll need to make the most of the great outdoors. Sunriver has exceptional golf courses, including Crosswater, Meadows, and Woodlands, where you can enjoy the game in stunning natural settings. And for a unique perspective on the beauty of Sunriver, OR, saddle up for some horseback riding through our breathtaking landscapes.


Fall in Sunriver, Oregon, brings a kaleidoscope of colors, with temperatures dipping to a cozy range of 36°F to 68°F. It’s the perfect time to break out your favorite sweater, long pants, and boots and experience Sunriver without the bustling summer crowds. Immerse yourself in our local culture by exploring breweries such as Goodlife Brewing, Oblivion, and Sunriver Brewing Co. For family fun, the pumpkin patches at Smithrock Ranch and DD Ranch are not to be missed, offering the perfect backdrop for your autumn memories.


dog in the snow in Sunriver Oregon
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Winter wraps Sunriver in a pristine blanket of snow, with temperatures hovering around 25°F, creating a winter wonderland ideal for cozy layers, sweaters, boots, and coats. For ice skating fun, hit the ice at Seventh Mountain Ice Rink, The Village at Sunriver, or Alpine Entertainment. For skiers and snowboarders, the slopes of Mt. Bachelor Ski Resort and Hoodoo Ski Area offer thrilling runs through powdery snow. After a long day, go home to your Sunriver rental and enjoy the bubbling hot tub. 

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