Sunriver Brewing Company: A Top Attraction in Sunriver

If you have ever visited Sunriver or talked to anyone who has, you might be familiar with Sunriver Brewing Company. It is a fixture in the town and throughout central Oregon. It is popular with visitors and locals and is often cited as the best restaurant experience in and around Sunriver. 

In this article, we look deeper at this popular hotspot and why it’s been such a hit. Let’s learn all about Sunriver Brewing Company! 

Why Does Everyone Love Sunriver Brewing Company? 

Sunriver Brewing is more than a beer company; it is an institution, which is ironic because it isn’t all that old. The brewery and first pub opened on Independence Day in 2012. 

So, why is it so popular? The company offers high-quality draft products and delicious food, but it also focuses on responsible food items, has a deep love and support for the outdoors, has a community-minded spirit, and is genuinely passionate about its customer service. People often remark about the friendly and inviting atmosphere and excellent staff. The pubs are ideal places to relax, enjoy a cool drink and tasty food, and make a few new friends along the way. 

Craft Beer

Evident in its name, the company’s underlying focus is beer. The company’s deep love for the brewing process has resulted in a long list of award-winning selections. It’s all about quality ingredients, unique recipes, and new brewing processes. Many brews come in intriguing flavors. The company offers six year-round favorites, as well as 26 IPAs, 29 limited-release brews, and 13 hazy IPAs. A quick look at the favorites will give you a good idea of what this place is  about. 

Bondi Beach Party: An award-winning beer with notes of mango, passionfruit, strawberry, and lychee.

Fuzztail: An award-winning hefeweizen with hints of grapefruit and lemon.

Rippin NW Pale Ale: Another award-winning beer with a unique blend of hops and tropical fruit undertones.

Vicious Mosquito: An award-winning beer and the company’s flagship IPA; features specially selected NW hops and hints of grapefruit, pine, and lemon.

Rivermark Pilsner: The company’s take on the original pale lager, with a blend of malt and floral flavors. 

Cocoa Cow: An award-winning beer that blends milk sugar, cocoa nibs, and caramel malt for a sweet take on beer. 

Food to Match

The company’s love for what it does extends to the food. Artisanal items and various selections are available to suit every taste, and there are gluten-free and vegetarian options. Whichever type of food you prefer most, know that all menu items are locally sourced, natural, organic, and sustainable. 

Favorites include: 

Pretzel and cheese fondue

Pork tacos

Fried cauliflower

Fried chicken sandwich

Coconut corn curry bowl

Monster-high burgers

Baked mac & cheese 

Top-Notch Service

The brewery and pubs are renowned for good service, which has much to do with how the company hires and cares for its employees. It’ss careful about whom it hires, prioritizing employees who care about offering strong service. The company’s love for its staff is equal to its love for the area of Sunriver itself, and it shows. 

The Company Cares 

The brewery cares about everything that it does, including the imprint that it makes. It has the most robust recycling program in Sunriver and focuses on locally sourced, natural, organic, and sustainable food. The company is also heavily engaged in the community. It regularly organizes events and programs and is part of local organizations that benefit the area. 

Here are a few of the organizations that the company supports.

Humane Society of Central Oregon

The company has a deep love for dogs, which is seen in a few ways. For example, it supports the Human Society of Central Oregon through its annual K9 Keg Pull. Here, dogs of any size pull beer containers to compete for the fastest time. Medium- and large-sized dogs pull kegs, and small dogs can pull a Foster’s Beer can. Participants and spectators can also donate dog food to the Humane Society, and there are food trucks and plenty of brew-tasting. Over 120 dogs participated at the 2023 event. 

Ronald McDonald House  

The company also uses the K9 Keg Pull to benefit the Ronald McDonald House. All proceeds from the pull go directly to the organization. 

Central Oregon Trail Alliance

The company works with Central Oregon Trail Alliance to “develop, protect and enhance” the local mountain biking experience. 

Ocean Blue Project

This organization focuses on protecting and improving beaches, rivers, and oceans worldwide. Its mission is to ensure that these wet areas stay clean and unobstructed and that humans and wildlife can safely coexist. The beer company has worked with the organization to remove over 5,000 pounds of trash. 

Coalition for the Deschutes

The Deschutes River is a fixture in Sunriver. The brewery is driven to restore it so fish, people, and farms can use the river safely and harmoniously. 

Sunriver Angler Club

The brewery volunteers with the club to improve fishing, conservation, and education. 

Four Pub Locations

The company has a brewery and four pub locations. The brewery is located in Sunriver Business Park, about a mile from the Sunriver Pub. You can tour the facility and pick up cans of beer directly from the location. The company’s pubs are often sources of action, and each location has a unique look and feel.

Sunriver Pub — Sunriver

The company’s original location is Sunriver Pub at The Village, Sunriver’s premier outdoor shopping area. Here, you can dive into quality pub food and experience stellar service in the place that started it all. Stop inside for a refreshing beer and tasty treats with friends after a long day of nature activities and shopping in the center. People love using the patio, and it even has a play area for the kids. The pub can get busy but the wait is worth it.

Galveston Pub — Bend 

This pub is known for having one of the best atmospheres in Bend. In addition to food and beer, it offers a “cozy industrial setting” that blends the indoors and outdoors with massive garage door windows. The back patio has intriguing features like a fire pit and a “heated covered bridge replica.”  

Eastside Pub — Bend

This brewery opened in 2022 and is a bit different from the other pubs. This is the company’s take on a beer hall and features locally made, long wood tables. The Eastside Pub is the biggest location and the ideal spot for large gatherings. You get indoor/outdoor seating and a kid’s play area. The site has an open kitchen design and offers carefully curated food, including brick oven pizzas. It also features a 20-tap tower.

Oakway Pub — Eugene

This spot is in Oakway Center in Eugene. This location is famous for having the most taps and often has limited-release beers. The food includes classic dishes and a few exclusive items.  

Cascara: Your Home for Experiencing Sunriver Brewing Company

Sunriver Brewing Company is worth visiting to experience tasty beer and food and friendly staff. You will also feel good knowing that you are supporting a safe and clean experience in Sunriver during your visit. Sunriver is where you and the entire family can relax in jaw-dropping nature or indulge in a huge range of activities in and around the Deschutes River, including hiking, biking, kayaking, and top-rated golfing. Sunriver Brewing Company helps keep it beautiful and safe for everyone and everything living here. 

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