Summer 2021: Our 2020 Rebate

If you’re like many people, your holiday cheer isn’t quite stepping up to the plate this year. We’re with you on that — life has been a little rough around the edges, and our holiday enthusiasm seems to have caught on to our gloom. Rather than try to bolster it, though, we’re taking a different approach: Let’s instead look forward to summer 2021. 

What could inspire more hope than imaging this coming summer, where COVID-19 is a thing of the past, the sun is shining, and you’re vacationing with your extended family near the Cascades, just 15 miles south of Bend? Absolutely nothing, that’s what. 

As a tribute to Christmas 2020, we’ve compiled a list of all the things that we’re looking forward to in Summer 2021. (P.S. We hope this ages well!)

1. Go mountain biking at Mount Bachelor
Mount Bachelor is a short 20-minute drive from Sunriver, and with over 13 miles of gravity-served bike trails, we’re looking forward to getting a big group together, renting bikes, and hitting the trails. Perhaps we’ll even be able to stop at the restaurant for a mask-free lunch! Mount Bachelor’s menu is notorious for being delicious and fairly priced, so you won’t want to miss out! 

2. Participate in village events
We were sad to see most, if not all, of our holiday events cancelled in the Village at Sunriver this year. However, that won’t stop us from looking forward to their concert series, workshops, open houses, and street parties that are sure to come back with a vengeance! 
This summer, we’ll be shopping all day and hitting our favorite Sunriver bars and restaurants at night.

3. Swim
With sunshine comes heat in Central Oregon, and something we’re looking forward to is getting back into the Sharc recreational area and making a splash! The Sharc aquatic center in Sunriver, when it’s open, boasts water slides, a jungle gym, a lazy river, and more! They also offer fitness classes, a conveniently located restaurant, disc golf, and a basketball court for endless fun in the sun.

4. Float the Deschutes River
This didn’t really go away, but we’re still looking forward to grabbing our favorite beverage and hitting our favorite float on the Deschutes River. Maybe we’ll float to Hola and have a marg on the deck! This activity is full of possibilities! 

5. Go white water rafting
This spring, if we can help it, we don’t plan on missing out on the wild ride that is white water rafting in Sunriver! Plan your trip now, and give yourself something to look forward to during this long winter! We highly recommend Sun Country Tours for your trip.

6. Have outdoor barbecues
The one thing that we at Cascara Vacations miss the most is getting together with our friends and families. We’d love nothing more than to throw a few burgers on the grill and beers in the cooler and get everyone together for great laughs and good food.

We hope this list gives you some badly needed #SummerInspiration! 

We’d also like to encourage you to book early for 2021. Not only will this give your family something to look forward to, but spots are also filling up quickly, as many of our 2020 guests have re-booked for next summer.