This place was great.

I will say its definitely dated but not in a bad way. Im pretty sure theyve updated many things that were negatives in previous reviews. Its proximity to the places we frequent was fab and if you have bikes, youll be set as its right next to the bike path on the golf course. 2 minute bike to the sharc, 5 minute bike to the village and 7-10 to the fort rock park. The house was extremely well stocked in the kitchen. There was truly anything you need for cooking bar a mixer and a food processor which I wouldnt expect to find in a rental anyway. I used to cook professionally so Im usually pretty disappointed in rental kitchens but this had most anything that I was in need of. There were also 6 sharc passes, which is always a massive bonus when staying in sunriver. We used them to the fullest! I will say the no AC isnt the end of the world as we were typically out until almost dark everyday anyway but I could see it being an issue if you had younger ones or planned on being in the house mid to late day. There were tons of box fans but theyre definitely not the same as AC. Also a note if you have young ones, theres a little loft above the second story area. Its insanely steep and our eldest slipped on one of the rungs. He was fine but definitely something to note. We did have an issue with the hot tub though. It was a bummer but we were unable to use it. When we opened it, it was warm but it smelled really terrible. It was also super cloudy. We have one at home so were very familiar with them. We were only here for a few nights so we didnt ask to have it corrected but would definitely be something to check if youre there for more than 1-2 nights. It was very clean and a well-kempt spot. We will definitely be staying here again in the future. Im sure the house could be updated at some point but we were really happy with it overall. Accuracy 5 Check-in 5 Cleanliness 5 Communication 5 Location 5 Value 5