Nice place.

We had seven of the cabins and I think this was the nicest. Updated, nicely decorated. Everything was clean except for the outside porch. It was COVERED in mounds of yellow pine pollen. Definitely was dropping and I get that, but I don’t think they have cleaned any of it off the furniture, hot tub or deck since it started falling. Could not even walk in and out of the house without tracking it. I had to spend about 45 min to an hour sweeping, cleaning off the furniture furniture so we could sit and the hot tub cover (that was SO covered I can’t even fathom when it had last been cleaned an didn’t dare open it until it was done). It stayed clean for the rest of the week, so they really hadn’t done it in ages if ever at all. However, once that was done it was great. Watch out for the resident chipmunk. He is used to being fed and is quite adamant about it. He will come in the house if you are not careful. The bottom of the screen is ripped so closing the screen will not keep him out! It is easiest to just feed him. ūüėČ