Property Manager We are glad that you enjoyed your stay. Yes this house is small and does have a unique layout, and with that isn’t the best for big families. But yes this house is perfect for a small family and it is in a great location! We look forward to seeing you again. Property Let me start by saying this IS NOT a bad review. The house was great, very woodsy, homey and inviting. Amenities were all there, bbq, hot tub, game room etc. That being said, the total living space is small and makes for pretty tight quarters. There is a very small kitchen and fairly small living room. We went with family and close friends so we enjoyed the fact it was fairly small. There are plenty of beds to sleep on as long as you have a few people that don’t mind sleeping in the same room or area together. There are 3 rooms, 2 with Queen beds, one with twin bunks. They refer to one room as a seperate living quarters but it’s just down a hallway from the other queen room. The whole house is all connected with all beds upstairs. They refer to having 2 lofts, when they should say there is a loft on the same landing where the pyramid bed is. Like I said, great house, great location, just a very quirky layout which makes for minimal privacy and not much room to roam. If you’re looking for lots of space and rooms that are far apart, this house is not for you. This house is perfect for small families or a few adults who don’t mind each other’s company.