30 Winners Circle: This home is amazing!

Located directly on the Golf course provided a beautiful backyard deck experience from early morning to late at night grilling around the BBQ. The house feels like a mountain mansion with beauty & spaciousness wrapped in casual luxury. This particular property had everything we could’ve imagined. A huge kitchen for gathering & cooking together along with multiple cozy sitting areas that any large group could enjoy. Another family joined us for part of the week and everyone had their own bedrooms & bathrooms which provided 100% privacy for the adults and the kids. The layout of the home gives everyone a sense of quiet & comfort. You can easily roam around in the home’s spaciousness with a family of 4 people or use it as a reunion gathering for 20 people. The kids loved playing hide and seek in the nooks & custom design of the home. It’s a dream vacation rental for people of all ages. Great for a large family gathering experience! The team was cooperative, kind and patient. Sun River is a fabulous opportunity for a family. The combination of a rural setting with bike paths, nature & astronomy center, the river and water slide park, a village with great coffee and convenient gas & grocery stores…everything a family could ask for. We’ve returned to Sun River approximately 6 times over the course of 10 years. As our kids have transitioned from babies to Middle Schoolers we’ve found that Sun River grows with you. When you start out with babies you take in the pools & village but as your kids grow you explore more and discover the extensive range of options to take in. As your family expands so does Sun River. Honestly there’s nothing I can imagine that wasn’t already provided. Bikes for all ages are in the garage and the hot tub on the back deck covers the unexpected extras besides providing everything in between. My goodness, our bathroom was as large as our living room in California!! If you like inspirational space, tall ceilings, large bedrooms, great bathrooms and three large entertainment areas, this is the right house for your family & friends. A uniquely custom designed home that you will never forget! Great architecture…. Thank you for your kindness. Our week in Sun River was one of the highlights of our summer travels.