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Museums and Observatories

Central Oregon features some amazing views, up close and far away. Visit our museums for the up close and personal tour of our area. Visit our observatories for the view of a galaxy far, far away.

Oregon Observatory at Sunriver

Feast your eyes on faraway galaxies. Witness a meteor shower. Get a glimpse of globular clusters, nebulae and deep space binary stars, as well as our closest star, the Sun. There`s no better place than the Oregon Observatory at Sunriver.

Location: 57245 River Road, Sunriver, OR 97707

Phone: 1 541-598-4406

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Sunriver Nature Center

Kids dig it when they can prowl through the woods. Track a porcupine. Touch a reptile. Or go eye-to-eye with a Great Horned Owl. That's the Sunriver Nature Center

Location: 57245 River Road, Sunriver, OR 97707

Phone: 1 541-593-4394

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High Desert Museum

Have a close-up encounter with a bird of prey. Meet Rogue, our river otter, and learn about local animals like the bobcat, lynx, badger and porcupine. Listen to a stagecoach driver and pioneers from the American frontier. Experience Native American history and Western art and culture in an environment unlike any other.

Phone: (541) 382-4754

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Pine Mountain Observatory

The Pine Mountain Observatory is located 26 miles SE of Bend OR which is located in Central Oregon. It is at an elevation of 6500 feet. Telescopes of aperture 15, 24 and 32-inches are there. The facility is operated by the University of Oregon Physics Department. Visitors are welcome on Friday and Saturday evenings from late May through last Friday/Saturday in September, weather permitting.

Location: 56100 Pine Mountain Rd, Bend, OR 97701

Phone: (541) 382-8331

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