Ladies Day in Sunriver, Oregon

Here’s a statement that we can all agree on: family vacations are the best. Who doesn’t love an endless day playing in the sun, followed by lighthearted banter across a dinner table? Late-night talks, early-morning snuggles, and laughing under the stars brings every family closer together.

But let’s get real for a second: vacations can also be just a *tad* stressful — even chaotic. If you’ve ever taken your family on vacation, you’ll certainly be familiar with the following phrases: “I have to pee,” “I forgot my favorite stuffed animal,” or our favorite: “He/she is touching me!” It is for this reason and a thousand more that no family vacation is complete without a day to spoil the ladies! 

(P.S.: Sunriver has an abundance of outdoor activities to offer, but we’re going to focus on how you can get the most out of a rest-and-relaxation day. Also, we’re referring to it as a “Ladies’ Day,” but this is a sample itinerary, along with COVID-19 restriction outlines, for anyone who might love a little pampering).
But First, Coffee.

You’ll want to fuel up for your big day, especially if the next step involves shopping. Sunriver has no shortage of caffeine aid stations, but our absolute favorite is Brewed Awakenings. The staff is incredibly friendly, they have big comfy chairs to lounge in, and you can grab a smoothie or pastry to go with your coffee. 
Mostly, we recommend this one because it’s right in the Village, where you’ll want to do most of your shopping.


Once you’re properly caffeinated, you and your friends will want to hit the shops. A few things to remember: 

  • Bring a mask. Masks are mandated in all indoor areas in the state of Oregon.
  • Double-check adjusted store hours online and review their policies.
  • Fitting rooms are closed but most stores will offer free returns. If needed, buy a couple of different sizes and return the garments that don’t fit later.

Here are noteworthy shops to check out while you’re browsing:

  • The Lazy Daisy is sure to have unique women’s gifts, accessories, and décor. 
  • Village Threads is a contemporary women’s clothing boutique that has clothes and accessories for a variety of ages and lifestyles.
  • Sunriver Books and Music has great options for finding new entertainment on your Sunriver vacation! 


All that shopping will probably make you hungry. There are plenty of restaurants in Sunriver to keep you busy, but here are our recommendations: 

  • Sunriver Brewing has a variety of light or hearty lunch options to choose from. Everyone in Sunriver swears by this place. Plus, they have a fun play place if you have kids with you! 
  • Blondie’s Pizza has a parasol-shaded patio, perfect for eating outside! 
  • Village Bar and Grill is a visitor and local’s favorite that offers traditional or contemporary American cuisine.

Wherever you choose to dine, chances are that you’ll want to grab a spot outside. Luckily, outdoor seating is both plentiful and safer during these times. During busier hours, you may want to call ahead and ask about wait times before making an appearance. Some of the more popular places are booked well in advance, and you don’t want to miss your chance to get a good table.


At this point, you’ve been running around all day. You’ve found souvenirs, clothes, and gifts, and if you ate at one of our suggested lunch spots, we’re confident that you’ve also sampled good food. 

If you want to really go all-out for your girls’ day, book a spa treatment. We can’t recommend Sage Springs Club and Spa enough. Currently, they are only offering massages, and you’ll want to book as far in advance as possible. 

…..Or get your nails done! 

Not all of us like massages or have a massage treatment in the budget. If that’s the case, you might want to check out Dunn Up to book an appointment for a manicure. Their manicure prices start at only $30, and you can book directly on their website. 

There are no shortages of ways to spend your time in Sunriver; whether it’s shopping, eating out, or any other type of pampering, there is something for everyone. 

No matter how you choose to spend your relaxation day, remember that any bad day on vacation is still better than one at home. Rest assured that you and your friends or family will return to your vacation rental well rested and ready for another day of adventuring!