Guest Services

We Love Our Guests

Our Promise To Our Guests

  • Full transparency in reservations
  • Live availability calendars
  • Prompt and thorough communication
  • Seamless check-in process
  • 24/7 service
  • Well-stocked properties with high-quality supplies


Many reservations come from online bookings these days. When guests call, our well trained reservation team knows what it takes to sustain a high level of rental activity in the homes we manage. Our team knows it is better to focus on your annual income rather than nightly rental rates. We selectively make reservations to the right people, at the right time, at the right price.  

We won’t rent your home to just anyone.

Our conversations with potential renters are not only to assist them the perfect vacation but also to hear what is not being said: The questions we ask at  the point of sale lead us to the actions we take. We check histories of past stays for proper placement and perform research learning who they are and where they live and what they are  coming for. If in question, we will even research their activity on social media sites to ensure their character meets our requirements. Each renter must sign a rental agreement accepting responsibility for any accidents or damages that occur while staying in your home. 

You can rest easy knowing your home is well protected.

Labor Force

After decades in the Sunriver tourism industry, we know exactly what it takes to be successful property managers. Home management demands well trained, motivated teams that are capable of performing the highest level of service. Our guest services, housekeeping, inspections, security and 24/7 emergency maintenance teams are permanent employees. We train & retain qualified people that meet our criteria and believe in our mission to provide the  best in quality home care. While there will always be some level of human error, we accept  responsibility for our staff and welcome feedback if there is an oversight so that we may correct  it in the future. We have found that sustaining good quality employees is an important reason our renters are fully satisfied the moment they walk in your door.

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