Grab a Beer at Sunriver Brewery During Your Next Vacation!

Discover a charming spot in Oregon where nature’s beauty is all around and neighbors always greet you with a smile. Sunriver is a place where visitors quickly feel like part of the family, thanks to the friendly faces and warm vibes. And at the heart of it all is the beloved Sunriver Brewery, one of the community’s favorite hangouts. 

Sunriver brewery in Oregon
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About Sunriver Brewing


As an integral part of the community, the Sunriver Brewing Company proudly opened its doors on Independence Day, 2012.

A locally-owned business, they are deeply committed to providing the highest quality craft products coupled with the best in class service. Sunriver Brewery is a truly homegrown enterprise, driven by their love for and deep respect for the mountains, forest, rivers, and lakes — our stunning home. Their brewers’ dedication to craft and their persistent experimentation with ingredients result in the consistent quality of craft beer that has become synonymous with the town itself. 


Starting off with their original location, Sunriver Pub. The Sunriver Pub is located in the Village of beautiful Sunriver, Oregon. Pair some quality pub food and award-winning craft beer with family-friendly service. 

At the Galveston location, experience high-quality food and craft beer served in a cozy industrial setting with complete operable garage door windows that create an enviable indoor-outdoor experience. Check out their back patio, which has a heated covered bridge replica and fire pit, providing an enjoyable outdoor experience year-round. 

If you’re making your way through Eugene, OR, stop by the Oakway Center to get the Oakway Pub experience. You will find Sunriver Brewing’s largest number of tap handles pouring many limited-release beers alongside the core favorites. The menu represents Sunriver Brewing’s classics and items only available at the Oakway location. 

Experience a place for community and gathering, featuring large locally crafted wood tables, an open kitchen, a kids’ play area, and relaxed outdoor seating. That’s what you’ll get at their Eastside location. Offering high-quality, thoughtfully sourced pub food, delicious brick-oven pizzas, and 20 taps providing their widest selection of fresh, award-winning craft beer.

Lastly, for a truly unique experience, head on over to their Tap Room. The Tap Room in their production facility is fully stocked with fresh craft beer and provides that brewery vibe you’ve been looking for.  This unique location offers views of the stainless-steel fermenters and racks of bourbon barrels that house their world-class beer.

Sunriver Brewing Beer

Crafting quality grain is their specialty at Sunriver Brewing, claiming thirteen different medals at the 2024 Oregon Beer Awards. Indulge in the inviting Deseo, inspired by classic Latin American lagers. Deseo owes its quirky sweetness to the unique blend of 2-row malted barley, pilsner malt, and flaked corn. Light bitterness and irresistible hop flavors blend beautifully with true Mexican lager yeast, giving Deseo a clean and distinct character.

The Sun Streak pays tribute to modern Pilsners. It weds the refreshing crispness of classic lagers and the potent punch of handpicked PNW hops. Enjoy the fruity melody, the aroma of wildflower honey, and the striking notes of passionfruit and strawberry blossoms.

Their Vermont Vacation is a riot of flavors – a Hazy IPA that blankets barley, malted wheat, and flaked oats beneath a burst of juicy hops. Sweet notes of melon, accented with citrus, pineapple, and strawberry – this brew is a vacation in itself.

Step into Sunriver and unleash an adventure of taste with Infinite Frontiers – their hand-crafted West Coast IPA. This fearless brew hits the perfect note of evergreen, grapefruit, and spiced blueberry jam, all creeping over a solid malt backbone.

Sunriver Pub

The inviting Sunriver Pub, just minutes from our Cascara Vacation rentals office, welcomes everyone with open arms. 

Location + Hours

Find Sunriver Pub at 57100 Beaver Dr. Bldg #4, Sunriver, OR 97707. Drop in Sunday-Thursday, from 11 am to 9 pm, or join us on Fridays and Saturdays from 11 am to 10 am.

Food Menu

Bring your appetite and try their Carne Asada fries, a tasteful combination of thinly sliced prime rib in Carne Asada seasoning, cheddar jack, avocado tomatillo sauce, pico, and sour cream! Their Bacon Brew Burger is love served on a plate – ⅓ lb Painted Hills beef paired with Tillamook cheddar, pepper bacon, tomatoes, lettuce, and onions on a Big Ed’s bun, and topped with roasted garlic aioli.

Beer Menu 

At their brewery, Sunriver, every pint reveals a world of flavor. From the Nitro Cocoa Cow Stout with tasty hints of chocolate milk and cocoa powder to the intriguing Peach Farmhouse Ale, providing flavors of citrus and stone fruit, their beer menu is a crowd-pleaser. If those options do not align with your taste preference, rest assured, we have an abundance of alternative selections for you to explore.

Plan Your Next Visit! 

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