A Luxury Vacation in Sunriver

Let’s face it — when it comes to thinking about fancy, luxurious vacations, Oregon is probably not the first state that comes to mind. But here is the simple truth about vacationing in Oregon: While everyone else is paying a ton of money to rent tiny Airbnbs in Manhattan or crowding multiple families into the same beach house in San Diego, you can get a lot more bang for your buck up in near Oregon’s Sunriver. And you definitely will not be compromising on the quality of your vacation: The Sunriver area in central Oregon is one of the most undervalued vacation spots in the country. You will be surrounded by clear, pristine forests and wilderness, and the caliber of local restaurants, craft breweries, and entertainment leaves nothing lacking. And perhaps most important of all, a vacation in the Sunriver area can provide an experience that for many everyday Americans would be too expensive in other, more traditional vacation areas: the opportunity to rent a luxury vacation home.

Not only is the Sunriver area strikingly gorgeous and a great time for outdoor enthusiasts, but it boasts some of the most affordable options for luxury vacation rentals. If you want to up your getaway experience by searching out a luxury home rental in Sunriver, you will not go wrong with Cascara Vacation Rentals. This local company focuses exclusively on the Sunriver area and provides a wide range of options so you can find your ideal luxury vacation home. If you are planning on a family getaway and need a ton of bedrooms, we have you covered — some of our luxury home rentals provide five bedrooms AND five bathrooms, so you will not have to worry about waiting in line to take a shower. If you are looking for something a little bit more cozy and intimate, Cascara Vacation Rentals has luxury vacation homes on the smaller side as well. And of course, what would a dream vacation look like without your four-legged best friend? We offer high-end rentals that allow dogs and still compromise nothing when it comes to quality.

Luxury Vacation Rental Amenities


When we say Cascara Vacations Rentals offers true luxury, we are not kidding. What would a vacation be without fantastic amenities? The luxury home rentals you can find here have it all. Are you looking for a place to wind down and relax after a long day of hiking the beautiful Sunriver hills? We can hook you up with a beautiful home rental with its own private hot tub in the backyard. Let’s say you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the office for a week but definitely do not want to miss out on the big game. Never fear, Cascara Vacation Rentals can find you a luxury vacation rental in Sunriver with a giant, 65-inch high definition television so you can catch every play. And some of the properties come with amenities only locals to the Sunriver area typically get to enjoy. These hidden gems include membership to exclusive clubs that allow for discounts on rounds of golf, access to club houses right on the lake, free entry to local fitness centers, the option to rent local watercraft for free, and the ability to use neighborhood tennis and pickleball courts. These amenities are a rare treat and are only available to those renting their luxury vacation homes through Cascara Vacation Rentals. Whatever experience you are looking for from your Sunriver vacation, be it your own pool, a gorgeous, newly renovated kitchen, or wilderness views, we have a luxury vacation home for you.

Sunriver Luxury

Just because people do not tend to think of the central Oregon/Sunriver area when dreaming about their next vacation does not mean that anything in the area is lacking in splendor! There will be plenty of options outside of your luxury vacation rental in Sunriver for you to explore.
Looking to unwind both mentally and physically? The Sunriver area boasts a number of massage spots, where skilled massage therapists work on blending techniques designed to both loosen your muscles and relieve stress and work-related tension. Massage Sunriver specifically focuses on reducing pain the natural way, while Earth Touch Therapeutic Massage boasts a wide range of techniques curated from around the world and designed to tailor to each individual’s massage needs. Both options are tried and tested by locals and tourists, so you know you are getting good quality massage therapy!

If you want to expand beyond a massage to the full luxury spa experience, Sunriver is certainly not lacking in options. Many of the luxury home rentals that Cascara Vacation Rentals can connect you with are located conveniently close to local spa parlors. Sage Springs Club and Spa is a beautiful facility that will make you feel immediately at home. It embraces the true Sunriver, Oregon, aesthetic with its upscale cabin vibe. Their spa options are quite extensive and newly updated, so you know you are getting the best techniques and treatments in spa care. If you are looking for a spa specifically focused on skin care treatments, you will not be able to beat Skin Logic in Sunriver. Their deep cleanses and facial massages will make your skin look exactly how you will feel after spending time in your luxury home rental: refreshed, relaxed, and rejuvenated.

Luxury vacation rentals in Sunriver can seem like a hit-or-miss proposition, but not when you go through Cascara Vacation Rentals. We will be able to hook you up with a luxury home rental that will meet you and your family’s needs and budget. What’s more, between the home amenities and local luxury options in the Sunriver area, Cascara Vacation Rentals and Sunriver, Oregon, is sure to become your new hot vacation spot!