“For just a few year prior to working with Cascara, we rented through another rental agency. We have now used the services of Cascara for just about 20 years. For the first few years, our Board of Bar Examiners only stayed in Sunriver during the summer.

For about 15 years the Board has stayed in Sunriver in March and August. In March we rent about 17 homes and in August we rent about 29 homes. Throughout those years we have had excellent service and tremendous assistance by the most courteous and helpful staff. I’m sure you can understand that, had we not experience good service and assistance, or were displeased with Cascara, we could have changed rental agencies.

It has been my pleasure to use the services of Cascara in obtaining our much needed properties and I, and the Board, sincerely appreciate the assistance and courtesies that have been extended. I look forward to continuing our great relationship.”