$500 Hospitality Scholarship Essay – College of Choice

Hospitality is a creative process. It’s the process of creating a home away from home, allowing people to be themselves and their guards to be down. Some call it a science, and others, an art. Increasingly, hospitality has also been commercialized and transformed into a commodity.

At Cascara, as a vacation rental company in Sunriver, Oregon, we believe in a personal touch. In fact, we believe true hospitality can only exist when one person truly connects with another. Lacking that, or proof of such a thing, a hotel or vacation rental place is only place to sleep.

Students are capable of changing the world – and that’s why we are offering a $500 scholarship to use at the college of your choice. We will be choosing the winner of the scholarship based on how well the entry follows our evaluation criteria; selection will be subjective.. The evaluation criteria are below:

Evaluation Criteria

  • A thoroughness of thought
  • Creative approach
  • Correct spelling and grammar
  • A representation of hospitality service true to the values of personal contact
  • Supporting evidence behind claims

Essay Deadline is June 19th. 

Essay Question:

Write a 750 word essay describing what “personal service” is and ways it can be implemented in a modern accommodation businesses.

Good luck!

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