Cascara Vacation Rentals is honored to be the choice for Group Lodging Partner with several organizations:


The Oregon State Bar

Cascara is proud to be the Official Lodging Partner for the Oregon State Bar. Cascara provides the Oregon State Bar with exquisite lodging as they tackle grading the ever important Oregon Bar Exams. They stay with us twice a year! You can also find us advertising in the Oregon State Bar newsletter, the OSB Bulletin.

United Church of God

Each year a group from United Church of God reserves Cascara homes for a retreat. We are honored that for so many years they have returned to us to provide their getaway needs.

School of Naturopathic Medicine

Cascara houses the School of Naturopathic Medicine each year as they work helping the world through better medicine.

Family Reunions

Every year, all across the nation, families long to reconnect. Sunriver is a fantastic place to do so and many families use Cascara Vacation Rentals to do just that. We have homes large enough to accommodate an all-in-one-home event for some families. More often, families choose several homes that are near each other. Our Circle Four Condos work very well for such events. Contact us with dates and number of people and our Reservationists will make sure you have the homes you need for your fun Family Reunion!


Sunriver is a beautiful place to start a new life together! When you’re not out at the wedding venue, Cascara has all kinds of homes for the Bride-To-Be, The Groom, and all of the family and friends joining them in their celebration. Wedding photos are very popular along the Deschutes River, in the forested areas in and around Sunriver, and even out at Benham Falls. Send out the invitations and call us to reserve your homes. Our reservationists can even tell you about local venues for your big day!

Your Group

If you have a large group of people that needs lodging in Sunriver, contact us and we’ll look at getting you all set up to enjoy the amenities and outdoors of Sunriver and Central Oregon!