Don’t Pay More Than You Should for a Weekend Getaway

After a long work week, no doubt you look forward to getting away from it all. A weekend getaway is the perfect opportunity to rest, refuel, and recharge from the daily demands of life.

Since most people work during the week, it’s pretty typical to want to remove yourself from the daily grind by heading out of town on the weekend: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The vacation industry knows this, and so they have invented the “peak times” concept, where you end up paying more for a room just because they’re in higher demand.

Basically, hotels or Airbnbs jack up their prices, knowing people will pay because we don’t have a lot of choice. The same concept also happens during “summer peak” or “holiday peak.”

We’ve accepted this because so many hotels and vacation companies do it. But have you ever stopped to think how unfair this is? You certainly can’t control the days you work. And if a hotel is busier over a weekend, why are they charging you extra when more of their rooms are getting booked?

In short, you could be paying more for your weekend getaway than you need to.

Save Money on Your Rental

The solution? Shop around. Find a vacation rental company that doesn’t increase their rates just because it is a weekend, holiday, or busy season.

Cascara Vacation Rentals, located in Sunriver, Oregon, believes that “slow and steady wins the race.” Rather than charging vacationers more for busier times, they like to keep an even and fair weekday-to-weekend cost during the summer and winter holiday seasons, as well as off-seasons. In fact, Cascara even offers free nights depending on when and how long you stay.

Now that’s more like it! This is a company that doesn’t buy into the “peak times” concept and values its customers over making a quick buck.

Cascara is family owned, and putting their customers first is at the core of their values. They are focused on helping you have a great experience so you’ll come back again and again.

Look for Extra Amenities

Another thing to look for when choosing a room is what amenities the hotel or rental company offers. Many rooms you rent will offer the basics, such as complimentary toiletries. Again, we’ve accepted these as standard and don’t always look for what else they could be offering.

Cascara goes above and beyond. They offer special discounts for their customers you probably won’t find elsewhere in Sunriver, such as:

  • Lost Tracks Golf Club  — This Central Oregon 18-hole golf course is tucked away into the tall pine trees. It’s a Brian Whitcomb, par-72 course you will find equally challenging and beautiful. With a Cascara Vacation Rental stay, you get a discount on greens fees and receive the VIP treatment.
  •  Wanderlust Tours — Available year round, you can take advantage of less expensive guided canoeing, kayaking, caving, snow shoeing tours, and much more!
  • Play — When you stay at Cascara, you can get discounts at local businesses that can make your weekend getaway even more memorable, such as ATV Rentals, Snowmobile Rentals, Guided Fishing Tours, Outfitting, and more! Call Cascara for details.
  • Local Restaurants — Get 10 percent off at Blondie’s Pizza or Marcello’s Italian Restaurant, two tasty Central Oregon eateries.

A weekend away to relax shouldn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. If you skip the places that charge you “peak time” rates and instead go for a vacation rental company that offers you more for less, not only can you rest better at your weekend getaway, you can also definitely afford to get away more often!

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Renting your vacation home is a wonderful way to maximize the return on your investment. Though it may seem easy enough, there are many essential moving parts that must work in sync in order for this to happen. These can include:

  • Advertising the home
  • Responding to inquiries politely and promptly
  • Taking reservations and preparing for the arrival of guests
  • Collecting rent and other fees and remitting sales tax
  • Handling guest complaints and requests
  • Hiring necessary service providers (housekeepers, handymen, etc.)
  • Managing any maintenance issues
  • Scheduling housekeeping between guest reservations

If you’ve got a busy schedule (like most of us do), adding this onslaught of tasks to your week (and weekend) can become a physical and emotional burden.

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