7 Unique Ways to Preserve Memories of Your Vacation

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You’ve just come back from the trip of a lifetime, and you want to remember the sights, sounds and feelings forever. There are plenty of unique ways to preserve memories of your travels. Gather up your photos, trinkets and imagination and let’s get going.

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Rental Home Management: Why It Pays to Have Help


Central Oregon: The Perfect Outdoor Vacation Spot in Every Season

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If you haven’t discovered Central Oregon yet, make this your year. There are so many amazing destinations to explore: unique land formations, beautiful forested areas and everything in between. With so many things to do, it may just become the vacation spot you come back to again and again.

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Behind the Scenes: Effective Vacation Rental Management

Renting your vacation home is a wonderful way to maximize the return on your investment. Though it may seem easy enough, there are many essential moving parts that must work in sync in order for this to happen. These can include:

  • Advertising the home
  • Responding to inquiries politely and promptly
  • Taking reservations and preparing for the arrival of guests
  • Collecting rent and other fees and remitting sales tax
  • Handling guest complaints and requests
  • Hiring necessary service providers (housekeepers, handymen, etc.)
  • Managing any maintenance issues
  • Scheduling housekeeping between guest reservations

If you’ve got a busy schedule (like most of us do), adding this onslaught of tasks to your week (and weekend) can become a physical and emotional burden.

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What to Look for in a Vacation Rental Management Company

After making the decision to rent your vacation home, finding the right management company is crucial. Make no mistake, choosing someone to manage your property, let alone rent it to others, can be a stressful situation. How do you know your investment is in good hands?

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Why It Pays to Decorate Your Vacation Rental

By / 22nd July, 2016 / Travel / 9 Comments

Many people have a vacation rental they use only part of the year, while others own rental property purely as an investment. If you haven’t already, you should consider sprucing up and renting your home to fellow vacationers.

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Don’t Get Stung by Excessive Vacation Rental Fees

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More and more vacationers these days enjoy staying at rental properties rather than hotels. In fact, reports show that between 50 and 60 percent of people in the United States plan to stay in a vacation rental in the next year.

Vacation rentals are popular because they deliver a more authentic, home-like vacation experience. According to a recent survey reported by statista.com, 47 percent of people book vacation properties for this reason.

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13 Ways to Enjoy the Outdoors This Summer

By / 20th May, 2016 / Travel / 2 Comments

Summer is a magical time of year; the flowers are blooming, birds are singing, and everything is fresh and green.

When your family and friends get together, give one or more of these activities a try. Whether it’s a weekend adventure or something close to home, the sunny days ahead just can’t be beat.

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7 Keys to a Successful Group Vacation

By / 15th April, 2016 / Travel / 7 Comments

Everyone loves getting away, seeing new places, and having adventures. Though it can be fun to travel alone or as a couple, group travel offers its own unique experience, as well as several advantages.

Group discounts and cost sharing translate to spending less on your trip, while still enjoying everything the destination has to offer. Not to mention, in many places travel is safer in a group — and you can’t beat the company.

As with any vacation, some prep is necessary to ensure minimal issues and maximum enjoyment. Read on for seven tips to streamline your next group travel experience.

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Bad Weather Back-Ups: 21 Unique Ways to Save Your Vacation Day

By / 24th March, 2016 / Road Trip, Travel / No Comments

No matter how well you plan your vacation, the unexpected can happen. This usually means the weather decides to not cooperate with your plans. It rains at the beach or in the mountains, it’s blistering hot or freezing cold, or there’s unexpected snow in late spring.

Truth be told, some of the most enjoyable vacation memories happen when the weather demands spontaneity. Read on to find unique ways to save your vacation day when bad weather strikes.

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