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You’ve just come back from the trip of a lifetime, and you want to remember the sights, sounds and feelings forever. There are plenty of unique ways to preserve memories of your travels. Gather up your photos, trinkets and imagination and let’s get going.

The Adventure Book

Illustration of a compass

You’ve probably heard of Shutterfly, Snapfish, Chatbooks, and other printing companies that will take your photos and print them into a bound book. Photo books are all the rage; and for good reason. They’re the perfect way to gather all of your favorite memories in a quick, easy format that’s fun to look at.

But what if the standard photo book feels a little stale? After all, you just took the trip of your life. You want to do it justice.

Use your photo book to tell an epic story. Change up the layout, and tell an action-adventure tale where  you and your loved ones as the stars, and the places you went are the settings. Think epic blockbuster movie here – and be creative!

The Documentary

You’ve taken videos to capture the best parts of your vacation – now what? You could certainly just edit them all together, add some music and titles and even some still images, but if you’re looking for something a bit different, try this on for size: a vacation documentary.

Fill the shoes of a documentary filmmaker and be on the lookout for anything new and different on your travels. You can interview your travel mates about their experiences while on the trip, or after you’re back. When you get home, edit them into a documentary-style video you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

Vacation Jars

vacation jar

Grab a mason jar, your favorite vacation photo, and a few other items from your trip. Was the beach part of your destination? Pour some sand into your jar, arrange some seashells on top, and add a small photo to fill up the rest.

If you visited a landmark, say the St. Louis arch, bring home your mini version of the arch you got at the gift shop and put it in the jar. Place a photo of your travels right behind it, then add other small knick-knacks to fill up the space.

You can even think outside the jar and Mod Podge a map or photo on the outside; or you could write little memories of your trip on strips of paper and place them inside.

Shadow Boxes

If you want something quick and easy, go to the craft store and pick up a shadow box. They come in all sizes, so what you need will depend on what you want to display. Put a photo or two in the background, then fill the front with your plane ticket and little trinkets you picked up on your vacation. It’s almost like a miniature window scene from your travels!

The Antique Trunk


If you have larger souvenirs from your travels that you don’t necessarily want to look at every day, why not make use of that antique trunk? Decorate the top with unique stickers from your destination, and inside, store the treasures from your travels.

You could even grab a few more antique trunks and stack them to make an end table; when guests comment on them, open them up and have fun telling them about your adventures.

The Nontraditional Scrapbook

If you think a scrapbook is too traditional, think again. There’s many other options that can speak to your personal creativity; in fact, it doesn’t have to be a book at all! Use small playing-card sized pages and connect them to make an accordion. Fill it with photos and embellishments,  then display it on the mantel of your fireplace.

The Corkboard Collage

photo collage

Forget the picture frames and nailing 100 holes in the wall. Forget printing certain photo sizes just to make them fit. In fact, you don’t even have to narrow down which photos you print – because  you can print them all. This type of photo college is more casual, fun and eye-popping.

First, print as many travel photos as you want, whether it’s from one trip or many.  Pick up some pushpins and a corkboard you like (sometimes you get lucky and can find them cheap at thrift stores).

When you have all of your supplies, hang the corkboard and go to town pinning. There is no method to this madness — in fact, the more chaotic, the better! Print and add titles if you like,  and pin those as well. There is no right or wrong way to do this.

For added flare, you could cover the corkboard in fabric or  a map before you pin. Above all, have fun with it!


No matter how you choose to preserve memories of your adventures, you’ll be glad you took the time to do so. They’re great to look back on whenever you need some cheering up, and can be passed down to your children or other special people in your life.

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